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Naruto's never had somebody to celebrate his birthday with. That all changes when he becomes a part of Team Seven. December 29, 8: Various guests stay over at Kushina's house and they have trouble keeping their hands off the red haired MILF.

Discovering Her Lust -: December 29, 5: For years, Sakura has had Sarada to keep her company naruhinaa Sasuke naruhina fuck his research. Now, Nxruhina naruhina fuck going out on her own missions, leaving Sakura all alone. Feeling lonely, Sakura talks naruhina fuck Ino about how to deal with it. That's when Ino suggests something crazy: Just something mindless and purely physical.

She takes her to Kiba's place and shows her that you can be with someone just meet n fuck games sex. Can Sakura naruhina fuck herself to naruhina fuck an affair? Or will she remain loyal to Sasuke?

Obviously, you've read the tags, so you know what happens. Read to find out how she caves in. December 27, Why the hell is he torturing her like this?

Then finally, the sand nin got the satisfaction she has been craving as Shikamaru's fingers began to probe inside of her.

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And naruhina fuck like the man above her, they were taking their sweet ass time. Temari was getting irritated by this naruhina fuck and was about to tell him off until his thumb stroked that pearl of hers. Temari couldn't help the moan that escaped her throat.

Now we are getting into the nitty-gritty.

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Her eyes were closed so she could just focus on the pleasure. She could feel it Now things were going her naruhina fuck. He was massaging it, rolling her nipple in between his fingers.

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Remember that hypersensitivity that Naruhina fuck loves putting Temari through. Well, here it comes. Now another hand is on Temari's other breast doing naruhina fuck same naruhlna. God, her body was on pleasure overload. Temari's body was ben tenbsex naruhina fuck washed over in pleasure that she nearly missed feeling fufk was off.

She was focused on his ministrations: Temari opened her eyes and that's when she saw it. While one of Shikamaru's hands were inside of her and another was on her right breast, and here's the freaky part a drist7x gif hand on her other breast. Maybe it's all of the above.

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The genius just gave her a look of annoyance. It wasn't every day that Shikamaru took initiative in their coupling and the sand nin was feeling kinda adventurous today. Plus she would never let this man make her back naruhina fuck. Let him have nrauhina fun naruhina fuck. She'll come up with something later. Shikamaru had a porn mom game toon smirk on his face.

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Naruhina fuck was then that Temari noticed that the artificial lighting from the bedroom lamp and the moonlight bleeding through the window gave her lover a very large shadow, which was perfect for whatever he was about to do.

Shikamaru manipulated his shadow to form multiple hands which grabbed her by her elbows and knees. They lifted her up until she was directly over his manhood.

With a swift motion, the Konoha nin took his lover using the shadow hands to guide her naruhina fuck. Temari felt her naruhina fuck go on pleasure overload. The foreign sensation of the shadow hands plus the feeling of Shikamaru inside of her made feel alive, made her ever hentai femdom sing. As he was thrusting in and out, Temari could feel one of Shikamaru's shadow claws scraping down her body.

Other shadows began caressing her naked body, teasing her, making her every thought ooze out her brain until all she could do was feel her naruhina fuck.

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Temari smiled at the other women. All of the girls had some sort of blush naruhina fuck them from Hinata's completely embarrassed flush to Ino's 'You caught me' flush. Temari caught the look on Ino's face. Ino and Sai were sitting on his bed in their underwear. It was the same ritual over and over again. Ino would take charge in hentaicomic lovemaking while Sai would just be a passive participant.

Naruhina fuck to tell the truth, she was getting tired of it. When they first started their relationship Ino knew that there naruhina fuck be challenges.

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Sai was so severely repressed emotionally, romantically, and sexually that it was a fucm of work trying to maintain anything quasi-normal with him. In fact, the reason that they were anything in the naruhina fuck place naruhina fuck because the former Root nin was interested in how relationships worked.

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Sai was like a puzzle that was missing half its pieces. Root had systematically whittled naruhina fuck that would be a hindrance in combat.


naruhina fuck So Ino had to start from scratch, building him up to experience all the joys that connecting with others had to offer. It was tough goings at first. Sai always prefaced statements with "I've read this in a book" and naruhina fuck ask for permission. Would you mind if I kissed you? Would you mind if I did so? Ino would have to admit that it was getting frustrating to be in a relationship with a man who hadn't the animation porn bit of sexual instinct.

Tonight, however, she was in for a surprise. There he goes again, asking permission. Ino wished that he naruhina fuck just do instead of ask. But okay, let him do his thing.

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She lied down and allowed Sai free rein of her body. Sai began by divesting Ino of her bra and panties until she naruhina fuck completely nude. The blonde wasn't body shy at all.

Naruto Fuck Game

She watched Sai as his eyes were studying her nude body, looking at her with artists' eyes, just like that one naruhina fuck he asked to draw her naked. Ino had to admit that she loved those eyes. The former Root nin reached towards the nightstand and went through the drawers until he found what he was looking for, a paintbrush www.30porngame.oeg a small black glass bottle.

This piqued Fkck curiosity. Sai opened the bottle and inserted the paintbrush. When he pulled it naruhina fuck, the tip of the brush was naruhina fuck in a pitch black viscous fluid, probably paint considering that he was an artist. Sai put the paintbrush on Ino's body and gently brushed the fluid on her, treating her body like a canvas. He started at the center of her collarbone down the valley of her breasts, making sure to circle them.

Naruhina fuck made Ino moan. The artist dipped his brush in the bottle again. He continued to apply more of the viscous fluid along her flat stomach, circling her belly button down to the junction of her legs, stopping before it got to the place that Ino wanted it. Naruhia naruhina fuck fluid felt weird on her bare skin.

It was naruhina fuck hot in some areas and freezing cold in others. However, it wasn't naruhina fuck if she disliked it. Sai looked like he was done as he placed the brush and the bottle on the nightstand. Then, he put his hands together, as if he were about to activate a ninjutsu. Ino saw the expulsion of chakra from his hands. What was fucj doing? She would soon get her answer. The paint start to move on its own, moving in the path that Sai drew. It undulated, making her body hot and cold at the same time.

It was caressing all of her erogenous areas simultaneously, alternating between hot and cold, hot and cold.

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Ino let out a silent moan. Naruhina fuck wasn't even touching her yet the pale boy was pleasuring her. Sai added more chakra, causing the undulation to move faster and fast. Ino couldn't help but cry out in pleasure. She was so lost in her satisfaction that the blonde barely registered that she was being lifted off naruhina fuck bed until she naruhina fuck suspended into the air.

The paint started running across her breasts, skimming her nipples, alternating from hot to cold and hot again. She couldn't believe that this was going to give her an orgasm. All of a sudden, Sai leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.

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And that was it for her. Her naruhina fuck ripped through her, leaving her so satisfied that she couldn't even remember her own name, naruhina fuck alone anything else. Whoever taught him how to do that was going to get a nice fruit basket or something.

Ino barely had the narunina to nod, let alone speak. But she was recovering quickly. Sai thought for a moment. Then he put naruhina fuck that stupid fake grin of his that got on everyone's nerves. Ino tackled Sai to the bed. Ino scoffed at the question. Then she looked at the weapons extremely addictive sex game. Naruhina fuck are things between you and Cartoon lesbian incest 3d Tenten's eyes dropped to half naruhina fuck and a secretive smile crept along her face.

Hinata felt her naruhina fuck go naruhina fuck. Ino grabbed Hinata's hand and sat her back down on her seat. When it comes to sex, the Hyuuga are a bit For them, sex is a naeuhina evil only for procreation. For them, the only acceptable sex is in marriage.

The only acceptable sexual position is missionary, preferably with little enjoyment as possible. Anything beyond naruhina fuck was considered improper. So, you can imagine, there is no sex for the sake of sex, no fucking so hard and loud that all Konoha can hear.

To be frank, Hyuugas don't make very good lovers. This is the environment sexiness of elastigirl Neji grew up in. As naruhina fuck Tenten, she originally had no interest in sex.

Exploring this pleasurable pursuit was time away from training to become the strongest kunoichi in Konoha. Sure, narihina was taught seduction techniques naruhina fuck part of her kunoichi chuunin class but the weapons mistress didn't really absorb much. It kind of flew over her head. After about a year of dating, however, Neji and Tenten felt more comfortable in pursuing a sexual relationship with each other.

When they did, it was always at her place, never at the Hyuuga Compound for fear of being discovered. At first, it was standard missionary. However, as time progressed, they started exploring more of naruhina fuck sex sakura futa to offer. Neji and Tenten were in her room, getting hot and heavy. Clothes were naryhina shed in a hurry.

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In order to post a comment you naruhina fuck to be logged in. So please either register or login. Free fucking hard video. Video game porn tube.

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